Senin, 24 November 2014

Whoa! Saturday Night Karaoke On Jakcloth 2014!

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Whoah! We are totally happy and unexpectedly saying that one of our deceased roster, Saturday Night Karaoke, will do a set on a 3 day fest of the biggest distro event ever on our land, Indonesia, Jakcloth!
Well, it's ok for being on-off at least it is for Saturday Night Karaoke :) THAT'S A CERTAIN EXPCEPTION! Okay the guys will play along with some of our friends like Quick Bullet and The Drums. They're gonna hit on December 6th 04.00 PM. Be there and be sharp!


Minggu, 16 November 2014

Prabu Pramayougha Review On Wastedrockers!

Whoah! This is an unexpected one that one of our past releases has gotten a review by one of a very good local media, Wastedrockers! And it goes up to the 2 in 1 EP Package of Prabu Pramayougha.
For more words and details please go to

PS : We're gonna re-issue few copies of the tape for the international distribution ;)

Rabu, 12 November 2014

Ghost Mice "All We Got Is Each Other" Tape Re-issue!

WE ARE SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE! That the best band in the world, GHOST MICE, IS READY TO RE-ISSUE AN ALBUM! YAY! Shit! It still come like a dream for me. So yes we're gonna re-release their last album "All We Got Is Each Other".
Well if you haven't been aware about them yet, they're the first wave of folk punk ever! Then you should dig Plan-It-X Records catalogue as well (Dig them out here And as usual it will be put up on tape next year.
So it's good to live THE GOOD LIFE!

Selasa, 04 November 2014

Records Distribution

"Supporting mom and pop and standing up to the murdering, racist cops"
Ghost Mice - Up The Punx

Beside taking the mail order, we do distribute the releases to such appointed mom and pop records store. So if you have a time, please come by and do support them.

AA. Grieve Records. Fatmawati 30, Rossi Musik Bld, 1st Floor, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12430. Phone : +62217652938.

BB. WR Store. Gedung Circle K (lantai. 3) Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 19, Jakarta Pusat, 10210. Phone : 085779550547.

CC. Warung Musik. Blok M Square lt. Basement Blok B No. 162, Jakarta Selatan. Phone : 087881494948.

DD. Lawless Jakarta. Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII No. 67K Bangka Mampang Prapatan Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. Phone : +6221 7192871

Sabtu, 01 November 2014

Out Now The Frankenstone "Don't Be Sad, Don't Be Gloom, The Frankenstone Is Ugly"

Artist : The Frankenstone
Album : Don't Be Sad, Don't Be Gloom, The Frankenstone Is Ugly
Price : Rp 20.000 & Rp 15.000 for the wholesale (Excluding Shipping)

The reason why we pick to reissue their first album is first because The Frankenstone is one of the most genius yet the dummiest band ever! And then this album has introduced me their very unique sound! Let say when you're thinking The Soviettes or The Runways has a male forefront. Forget about Jack Black's School of Rock, this album really know how to teach you to rock the fuck out!

Side A:

01 Beat Box Rock
02 Spend Away
03 Don't Mess With The Time Bomb
04 You'll Never Know
05 Fever
06 Leave Me Radio
07 Ordinary Love Song
08 The Pink
09 I Try To Be A Good Boy But I'm Fucked
10 Ain't Talkin' About You
Side B:
11 I Got A Problem With My Health
12 Can't Take It Anymore
13 Uncomercialized Prostitute
14 When I'm Getting Old
15 Come Back Home Lonely Boy
16 Youthful Culture
17 Longway To Nowhere
18 In My Bed Tonight
19 Float

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS -
Email -

Out Now Saturday Night Karaoke "Discography"!

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Artist : Saturday Night Karaoke
Album : Discography
Price : Rp 20.000 & Rp 15.000 for the wholesale (Excluding Shipping)

We are really excited to announce our first transition ever for the label! Yes we pick Saturday Night Karaoke's Discography as the first and the most lovely one to pick. This tape contains tracks from the unreleased, EP's, and Cover Album for their entire carrer. For the fans of The Ergs or Descendents (Epitaph era and beyond), this is a local stuff you should have! Yet the band is no longer active, I consider this tape is a tribute. Enjoy!

Side A:
01 Flaming Adolescent Passion On A Red Hair Chick From The Other Side Of The World
02 S.I.A.T.
03 Discipline Girl 3
04 Totally Ass
05 It Took 18 Minutes To Write This One (Crapcoustic)
06 First Tune, 5 Chords, 4 Instruments, 3 Guys
07 Theme For Jocks Holocaust
08 Fresh Man Year Sucks
09 Kumar Vs Abraham
10 Took 18 Minutes To Write This One
11 ALL (Descendents Cover)
12 No ALL! (Descendents Cover)
13 First Song, Side One - A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part II (The Ergs Cover)
14 Kind Of Like Smitten (The Ergs Cover)
15 Introducing Morissey (The Ergs Cover)
16 FM Year Sucks (Boredcoustic)
17 Flaming Adolescent On An Acoustic Guitar
18 Not FB
19 Indie Rock 101 - How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 2 Minutes
Side B:
20 Raspberry Chupa Chups Forever
21 So Anyway...
22 Caroline Andersen
23 Spazz Jazz
24 P.S. I'm Sorry
25 Not FB Live at #LemuriaJkt
26 Exp #27 : How To Execute A Mushy Tune Abruptly And Efficiently Live at #LemuriaJkt
27 Flamming Adolescent Live at #LemuriaJkt
28 Bridge Live at #LemuriaJkt
29 Indie Rock 101 - How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 2 Minutes Live at #LemuriaJkt
30 Hi Rena! Live at #LemuriaJkt
31 Futari Nori no Jitensha (Jkt48 Cover) Live at #LemuriaJkt
32 Fresh Man Year Sucks Live at #LemuriaJkt
33 Keep On Dancing! Live at #LemuriaJkt

For order please contact :
Sms/Phonecall - 088808532434
Email -

Minggu, 26 Oktober 2014

The Tape Re-release of Colour Me Wednesday's "I Thought It Was Morning"

And the second good news we have is that we're goona re-release a debut album of UK's hot indie/punk act, Colour Me Wednesday!
So yes this is confirmed that Rizkan Records is gonna release their debut album "I Thought It Was Morning" on tape (Which previously released on vinyl and CD). Well if you haven't noticed them yet, let's imagine when Lemuria taking too much Indie Pop dose for their tunes and you also can find some Lily Allen's reaggae alike. Well, please have a listen their tunes below if you're so curious.

Coming Soon An EP From The Spikeweed This Year!

So... While waiting our releases to come out, we would like to announce you some certain plans ahead. We got two roster who are ready to put out some releases here...
First we'll have The Jakarta Ramones Boy, The Spikeweed! Yes we're gonna participate for being one of the label who's gonna release their upcoming EP along with some other rad labels like Sonic Pop! Records and Planktones Music. The EP itself expected to be released on the end of the year!
So for the fans of The Lilingtones, The Huntingtons, Teenage Bottlerocket, to Screeching Weasel, this is a must buy tape I tell you!

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2014

The Tape Has Been Fucking Arrived From The Pressing Plant!

Yes! The tape duplication for Saturday Night Karaoke 'Discography' and The Frankenstone 'Don't Be Sad Don't Be Gloom The Frankenstone Is Ugly 'has been arrived from the pressing plant. Feeling lucky we got a white milk classic look tape for those two releases. And now we're gonna working on the cover. Yes we're trying to be a turbo for this!

Jumat, 19 September 2014

Saturday Night Karaoke - Discography Repress On Tape!

And yes... Next we got Saturday Night Karaoke for their discography to be released on tape! After previously being released on digital form, this will come up in white fucking classic tape. Can't tell you about how many songs will it be contented but Abi of What The Sparrow Did To You will do the artwork yay!
Well if you're rookie enough about them, well think about The Ergs being re-united with some sort of new interest to a Japanese idol group. Here's kinda preview about the songs.

The Frankenstone - Don’t be Sad, Don’t be Gloom The Frankenstone is Ugly Re-Issue On Tape

Oh yea... You know what that this is such a moment I can't wait during the long awaiting of the next The Frankenstone album. The re-issue of their classic "Don’t be Sad, Don’t be Gloom The Frankenstone is Ugly" on tape. And we do really proud of being the one who able to re-issue this classic shit. It'll contain 19 punk rock songs just like the previous digital release one. Well there's a short description if you're rookie about them, think when The Soviettes have a male vocalist!
Here's some short preview if you never heard about them.