Jumat, 18 Desember 2015

Saturday Night Karaoke's 'Slurp!' Repress On Tape By Rise & Grind Records!

Also! One of our good good friend, Saturday Night Karaoke, is gonna repress 'Slurp!' on our friends' label as well, Rise & Grind Records. There will be new tracks and new layout on the repress version. So if you just miss the shit here but were too broke to order em through SP Records and badly need to tuck this album into your pop punk bulk collection, beware of this one!

Rise & Grind Records Sites
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/riseandgrindrec/
Website - http://www.riseandgrindrecs.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/riseandgrindrec

Coming Soon On Tapes Felix! (The Band)' Debut Full Length 'What To Do In Case of Fire'

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Another stuff to be released is a full length of Felix! (The Band) YAY! Well if you haven't noticed them yet, Felix! is a Hokkaido based pop punk band. As could be described, well think when Teenage Bottlerocket sing the song in Japanese! The could be hell piece of ace!
So we're gonna team up with Waterslide Records to release their debut full length 'What To Do In Case of Fire' and being confirmed that it will be released on February 24th 2016 on both, Japan and here in Cipondoh.

Pop Punk For Lyfe!

Fukk Yea! Soon On Tapes, A Pop Saiyan God Split of Saturday Night Karaoke x Aggi 'Gawking Geek Music'!

AND THEN! Here's the storm we've been waiting for A Pop Saiyan God Split of The Mega 'Saturday Night Karaoke' and The God 'Aggi' in a clash called 'Gawking Geek Music'. Fukk cant believe I just write it down here and actually this shit were come only in my mind a few times ago and ITS ABOUT TO FUKKIN HAPPEN! And we got a teaser which is the bands doing a cover of each other. Holeh moleh cant wait to release the beast.

Soon On Tape! Take 'A Storyline' EP

Yo! We got some sorta projects to start 2016, first we gladly announce you our new plus fresh talent, Take. So I bet you gonna have a question about who the hell Take is, Take is a powerpop project done by the couple and good friends of mine, Putra and his dearest wife (OH SO SWEETT!!). Could be short to describe, I can say they're playing some kind of powerpop fueled by some sweetness of (Old) Lemuria, Chumped, Mixtapes, to Cayetana. Don't miss this good stuff!


Heyyo... Seems like some friends and persons were too kind for us doing kinda exposure about our upcoming album and our recent stuffs and totally thanks to those beautiful ones out there! You guys were too kind to be just mentioned.
Here's the sort.

Colour Me Wednesday's 'I Thought It Was Morning' Album Exposure
On Wezternetive - http://weztrenative.com/post/134060452318/liar-dan-manisnya-colour-me-wednesday

Ghost Mice's 'All We Got Is Each Other' Album Exposure
On Wezternative - http://weztrenative.com/post/134240399524/folk-punk-all-we-got-is-ghost-mice

Sometimes Always' Complete Recordings Exposure
On Eardrums Music - http://eardrumsmusic.com/2015/11/30/sometimes-always-the-complete-recordings/
On Blantika Musik - http://blantikamusik.com/brita/rizkan-records-rilis-rekaman-lengkap-dari-sometimes-always/
On Wastedrockers - https://wastedrockers.wordpress.com/2015/11/19/sometimes-always-rilis-album-diskografi/

Upcoming Split of Saturday Night Karaoke x Aggi 'Gawking Geek Music' Exposure
On Lemarikota - http://www.lemarikotazine.info/2015/12/gawking-geek-music-ajang-tukar-lagu.html
On Wastedrockers - https://wastedrockers.wordpress.com/2015/12/04/coming-soon-saturday-night-karaoke-aggi-2016/
On Blantika Musik - http://blantikamusik.com/brita/aggi-siapkan-split-album-bersama-saturday-night-karaoke/
On Holytunes - https://t.co/8ARzwl1ABq
On Kanal30 - http://kanaltigapuluh.info/gawking-geek-music-bertemunya-saturday-night-karaoke-dan-aggi%e2%80%8f/
On Threeonspeed - http://www.threeonspeed.com/2015/12/saturday-night-karaoke-dan-aggi-akan.html
On Wezternative - http://weztrenative.com/post/134631862109/aggi-saturday-night-karaoke-gawking-geek

Selasa, 17 November 2015

Out Now Sometimes Always "The Complete Recordings"!

Artist : Sometimes Always
Album : The Complete Recordings
Price : Rp 25.000 & Rp 20.000 for the wholesale with the minimum quantity 5 pieces (Excluding Shipping)

Such an honour for us for releasing this good stuff coming from a bedroom fuzz pop act, Sometimes Always. I can you tell to you briefly that this is a complete recordings comp contains the whole stuffs from EP, Splits, Comp Tracks, the Unreleased one. Fourteen tracks on the line that will throw you a pink hearted fuzz pop punky hearing session. Sometimes Always is a total wholesome one!

Side A :
01.You Broke My Heart
02.Be True
03.Cashful Bath
04.Ivory Tower (Sharesprings Cover)
06.Old-Fashioned Baby
07.Anorak City (Another Sunny Day Cover)
Side B :
09.When You Smile It
10.Sittin' Candy
11.We're Never Fine
12.You Can All Hide
14.Ballad of The Band (Felt Cover)

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Whatsapp - 085946401230
Email - stoneagercrds4@gmail.com
BBM - 51843585

Out Now!! Fukked Up Pop Fanzine

Product Name : Fukked Up Pop Fanzine
Price : Rp 20.000 & Rp 15.000 for the wholesale with the minimum quantity 5 pieces (Excluding Shipping)

Here's our very first fanzine to put out. It contains several interviews with friends and bands. Printed in white-black copied on yellow papers. I dont know I feel this kinda crap cause I made it with paint. But... Fuck the shit anyway, I think that zine scene should've no rules about the layout shit aight! Awkay there's a space on the middle of the zine pages and maybe you could stick up your photos or draw any of your shit if you want :p Oh ya if you buy this zine there will be a Rizkan Records' friends and family collectible postcard as a bonus inside.

Featuring interviews w/
- Saturday Night Karaoke
- The Sneakers
- Aggi
- Block Fort (UK)

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Whatsapp - 085946401230
Email - stoneagercrds4@gmail.com
BBM - 51843585

Prabu's Japanes Pop Punk Mixtape Featured On Whiteboard Journal

Eyyow! Proudly we present you a Japanese Pop Punx Mixtape by our good pal, Prabu Pramayougha of Saturday Night Karaoke. And he said this mixtape doesn't feature Hi-Standard or Shonen Knife and so sorry for the lastfm enthusiasts. However, I tell you that we start to occupy Whiteboard Journal now! You better beware dudos!

Jumat, 04 September 2015

News : Sruputus Maximus (Saturday Night Karaoke's 'Slurp!' Release Party)

After having a java tour, the great wota pop punk guys from Bandung, Saturday Night Karaoke, greets the world with a release party entitled 'Sruputus Maximus' (Well 'greets the world', I think that is too much if you dont think about Grammy kinda thing).
The gig itself will be held at these details

Lapangan Basket FIB Unpad
September 12th 2015
04.00-08.00 PM
Ticket : Pay-As-You-Want-Donation

Okay then, there will be some friends who are going to rock the fuck out this gig such as.

A deadly pop band from Jakarta, releasing 1 EP and 1 single, this guys is such a heavy breed killer for Jakarta's pop scene. Three chords twee, flat voices, under-2-minute-song, and killer vocal harmony, has put the guys on the top of the scene. Wait for their oncoming split with Saturday Night Karaoke this year!
Stream the shit here

Uncanny is a noisy indie rock outfit from Bandung. Though the band has just recorded their single, but this one has taken a milestone for the band itself for their integrity. The guys will just set you on fire. Harsh noisy guitar, shouting vocal, and the upbeat indierock drummings, these guys will proove you how they gonna rock the fuck out the gig.
Stream the shit here

CC.The Verlived Orchestra
And we got a hardcore band on this gig finally! Yes I can say they're probably the loudest on the party, The Verlived Orchestra! This skramz guys previously released a split with such bands like Inquiry Last Scenery and Sifulan before, some demos, and an EP. For the fans of Raein to Neil Perry, you should watch them.
Stream the shit here

The next one we have Torpedoest on the line-up. These guys play an intense political punk rock in the vein of Bad Religion to Rise Against. Currently, the released one full length entitled 'New Modes of War' and this one is an intense shit to be put on the gig as well.
Stream the shit here

EE.The Spikeweed
Last but not least, we got one of the notorious ramonescore act on the list, The Spikeweed. These guys has release several EPs and one full length and it has made them being 'accountable' for the Jakarta pop punk scene. I'll be make sure that they will put their jacket on at this gig.
Stream the shit here

Coming Soon As Well... Martha's 'Courting Strong' Full Length Re-release

Shit... Cant believe it actually that I'm gonna have an opportunity to re-release Martha's full length 'Courting Strong' on tapes YAY! Well... If you haven't known about them yet, these guys are not the new guys to the scene. There are two guys from the legendary folk hero, Onsind, and a frontgirl from Durham based feministpop act, No Ditching. Musically I can describe them if you have an addictive pop punk melodies blend up with the harmonious indiepop jaggling guitar and up beat drummings that will get your feet moving.
Been touring along with notable acts like Delay, Spoonboy, Dogbreth, etc and did a slot for Glasto this year doesnt make the band getting lazy, they are now prepare for a split and UK tourwith Philly lovely indie rock act, Radiator Hospital. Okay if you're so curious about the tunes, you can check it below.

Coming Up Soon! Block Fort's EP 'Fine City Fuck Ups

Hey its been a while not blogging this ark since the SNK's Slurp haha... Yea we are really glad to announce our upcoming project. And now we have Norwich indie/pop punx sweetness, BLOCK FORT! And this time I'm really pleased that we're gonna re-release their EP 'Fine City Fuck Ups' on tapes.
I cant tell you much about how sweet they are but I kinda have testimonial about how musically they are. Well think when Nana Grizol's spirit blend up with the sweetness of Lemuria's melody. Recently, the band has been put up to have a UK tour and playing along notable act like The Tuts this time around.
Really curious about them? Please get yourself tuned below.

Rabu, 08 Juli 2015

Out Now Ghost Mice's "All We Got Is Each Other"!

Artist : Ghost Mice
Album : All We Got Is Each Other
Price : Rp 25.000 & Rp 20.000 for the wholesale with the minimum quantity 5 pieces (Excluding Shipping)

We are totally excited about this! We are kindly to present you a rerelease of Ghost Mice's masterpiece "All We've Got Is Each Other" on tape! Ghost Mice is a folk punk collective legendary from Bloomington, Indiana. Please dont ask me about their credibility, Plan-It-X? What can I say! Chris Clavin is a little god of DIY. This album mostly talk about Samantha Dorset and some personal problems also being posi minded about it. Totally good good thing to have! 

Side A :
01.The Path
02.How It Sounds
04.F#ck Sh#t Up
05.John and Jodie
Side B :
07.The Wrong Train
09.All We Got Is Each Other (Peanucle Cover)

*Including The Digital Download Ticket Inside

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Whatsapp - 085946401230
Email - stoneagercrds4@gmail.com
BBM - 51843585

Selasa, 07 Juli 2015

Out Now Saturday Night Karaoke "Slurp!"

Artist : Saturday Night Karaoke
Album : Slurp!
Price : Rp 25.000 & Rp 20.000 for the wholesale with the minimum quantity 5 pieces (Excluding Shipping)

2015 is fukking amazing cause Saturday Night Karaoke is back to put out a good good tunes to hear. And this time they got released by a good Japanese label, SP Records, and proudly being announced that Rizkan Records take a part to co-release the album on tape! To be noted that the songs are re-recorded and some are new with a better sound to hear trust me!

Side A :
01.Acil Hates Us
02.Flamming Adolescent-Passion
03.Anthem For The Grown Up Kobo Kun
04.Not FB
05.Indie Rock 101 (How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 10 Minutes)
06.Took 18 Minutes
Side B :
08.Freshmen Year Sucks
10.Blah Rizkan
11.90's Revival 101 (How To Elaborate A Brokenheart With A Big Muff)

*Including The Digital Download Ticket Inside

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Whatsapp - 085946401230
Email - stoneagercrds4@gmail.com
BBM - 51843585

Selasa, 16 Juni 2015

Saturday Night Karaoke's MV "Coffeeeeeeaaarrrggghhh"

Okay so here it is another uuummm let say a kickin-ass-wrecking-nose promotional music video for Saturday Night Karaoke's next album "Slurp!". And the single "Coffeeeeeeaaarrrggghhh" is taken to represent the album. As you can see they took the vid on the nearest tukang bakso mangkal place which is totally economic yet artistic (Aha! It that it kid? Awkay!). So there you go enjoy the vid!

Sabtu, 06 Juni 2015


Another good good news to come is WE'RE GONNA RELEASE SOMETIMES ALWAYS COMPLETE RECORDINGS. Cant be more happy to announce this! It is such a suprising thing that we're gonna put up Sometimes Always recordings on tape and actually Tyo has contact me 4-5 months ago during The Porno showcase and whose head gonna resist this such moments! And I'm actually kinda feeling myself too shitty to recieve this such offers.
Buuuttt... Fuck all those shits, I win big this time! TOTALLY! (Hey please straight up to the shit, we dont need your bullshit pouring heart words). Aaannndd my friend, Bagus Bagong, gonna do the artwork and layout on this. Go check all his works at http://baguspriyoberuang.tumblr.com/
And to be informed that we're gonna put up this tape after lebaran day. So stick up your nose for this!

Coming Really Soon In A Couple Months! Saturday Night Karaoke's "Slurp!"

Oh yeah! Such a long long BC time that the site is not being updated. Awkay and now we're gonna do some postings about the upcoming Saturday Night Karaoke's album that being revealed entitled "Slurp!". And what you see above is the cover design of the album. And also we gotta inform you as well that the album has also being included with a bundling package with two types and those are CD+Tape+Tees and Tape+Tees but we gotta say so much sorry that the bundling package has been out of quota. And the tees are made as fit as the quota being added. It's 24 pieces. But there would be a chance as if there's anyone who were failed for the pre order transaction.
And then as the news going on the air that the CD has been completed from the pressing plant and some CDs has been landed on the lovely land (We're still waiting though for the other package being sent huh!). Oh ya for the tape has been ready as well and we're gonna put up the download codes as well in case you hardly need em to jam digitally. And the cds and tapes gonna be released on July 7th 2015 so mark em into your calendar.
So another shit that we wanna inform that there are two tracks being given away for free that being included as well to "Slurp". Snag them below! Enjoy!

Sabtu, 04 April 2015

Updatees And Saturday Night Karaoke's New Album! YAY!

Awkay, such a long long updatees since our last release, a full length of Colour Me Wednesday, then here comes another big news to come into your screen. We would like to be so fucking glad knowing that one of our favourite things, Saturday Night Karaoke, stated to re-form, composing songs, aaannnnddd RELEASE A NEW ALBUM! What a bright 2015 it is!
The album itself will be originally released by a japanese pop punk label, SP Records! And as the profile goes, the label has so far released many magnificent stuffs like full length of Peach Kelly Pop, or the EP of Munchie Girls, to the album of the legendary bubblegum pop punk like Nerd Gets The Girl. And of course such an honorable thing to see one of pal will be released by the label.
And the album will be released on CD by SP Records and Rizkan Records will have a co-release on tape version! The progress of the album has been told finishing its mastering phase and doing an artwork now and big chance for me to put out the this records first and then Ghost Mice full length few days later :)
Cant wait to hear the album as well and checkout our twitter site for a brief updatees! Cheers!

Oh ya in case you're about to order the album from SP Records. Go dig em at these sites
Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/SP-RECORDS/235184926517076?fref=ts
Website - http://www.sp-records.com/

Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

Rizkan Records Occupy Bandcamp!

Heyya! It's been a long time for not doing an update for the sites. And guess what? We're not just lay our ass down and doing nothing! Cause we now have established our own bandcamp sites! Yay! The whole releases from the very first catalogue of this label to the current one could be streamed there for free! (Except some Saturday Night Karaoke and Prabu Pramayougha catalogue cause we'll have some bombs for you to be shocked hehe).
And please take a note a bit that some albums are priced there for $ 1,000 and some clarification we would write that we don't mean to put up the release onto that shitty price in fact that we face a problem that some catalogues are mean to be made for streaming only but the bandcamp apps doesn't allow us to lay our shit for the streaming only album! So we have a stupid mind to put up the highest price in result to not let anyone our shit from the bandcamp apps. So I hope you guys can understand that we're not an asshole who tries to rip off our own friends.
And further we'll announce some crazy shit that we're gonna do in a very close time. Meanwhile enjoy shit for the wholeday stream at

Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

Out Now The Spikeweed "Spikerock" EP

Artist : Spikeweed
Album : Spikerock EP
Price : Rp 25.000 & Rp 20.000 for the wholesale with the minimum quantity 5 pieces (Excluding Shipping)

Yes! So glad that we could deliver you from one of the most favourable ramonescore act in town, The Spikeweed! The EP contains several short songs and some hidden track that you probably know as the tape being bought haha! For the fans of such bands like The Lilingtons, Screeching Weasel, or Riverdales, it's a good stuff to be bought!

Both Side:
02.Fap Song
03.Diet Coke
04.HBD Pal
05.I Don't Wanna Go Out
08.I Wanna Have Sex (With My Ex)
09.Hidden Track

*Including The Digital Download Ticket Inside

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Line - 088808532434
Email - stoneagercrds4@gmail.com
BBM - 51843585

Out Now Colour Me Wednesday "I Thought It Was Morning"

Artist : Colour Me Wednesday
Album : I Thought It Was Morning
Price : Rp 25.000 & Rp 20.000 for the wholesale with the minimum quantity 5 pieces (Excluding Shipping)

Yes it is taking a bit time to re-release this good good album. Colour Me Wednesday is a London based band that has made a big shot to the scene by their debut album 'I Thought It Was Morning'. The album itself will deliver you a definite mixture sound of indiepop, pop punk, or even Lily Allen's reggae stuffs! Such a recomended stuff to be listened to! 

Side A:
02.Holiday From Your Life
04.Unicorn In Uniform
05.Lost On The High Street
06.Bitter Boys
Side B:
07.Don't Waste Your Breath
08.(I'm Not Coming To Your) BBQ
09.Cat Hair
10.You're Not My #1 Bastard
11.Biscuit Baby
12.Purge Your Inner Tory

*Including The Digital Download Ticket Inside

For order please contact :
Phonecall/SMS/Line - 088808532434
Email - stoneagercrds4@gmail.com
BBM - 51843585