Jumat, 18 Desember 2015

Saturday Night Karaoke's 'Slurp!' Repress On Tape By Rise & Grind Records!

Also! One of our good good friend, Saturday Night Karaoke, is gonna repress 'Slurp!' on our friends' label as well, Rise & Grind Records. There will be new tracks and new layout on the repress version. So if you just miss the shit here but were too broke to order em through SP Records and badly need to tuck this album into your pop punk bulk collection, beware of this one!

Rise & Grind Records Sites
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/riseandgrindrec/
Website - http://www.riseandgrindrecs.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/riseandgrindrec

Coming Soon On Tapes Felix! (The Band)' Debut Full Length 'What To Do In Case of Fire'

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Another stuff to be released is a full length of Felix! (The Band) YAY! Well if you haven't noticed them yet, Felix! is a Hokkaido based pop punk band. As could be described, well think when Teenage Bottlerocket sing the song in Japanese! The could be hell piece of ace!
So we're gonna team up with Waterslide Records to release their debut full length 'What To Do In Case of Fire' and being confirmed that it will be released on February 24th 2016 on both, Japan and here in Cipondoh.

Pop Punk For Lyfe!

Fukk Yea! Soon On Tapes, A Pop Saiyan God Split of Saturday Night Karaoke x Aggi 'Gawking Geek Music'!

AND THEN! Here's the storm we've been waiting for A Pop Saiyan God Split of The Mega 'Saturday Night Karaoke' and The God 'Aggi' in a clash called 'Gawking Geek Music'. Fukk cant believe I just write it down here and actually this shit were come only in my mind a few times ago and ITS ABOUT TO FUKKIN HAPPEN! And we got a teaser which is the bands doing a cover of each other. Holeh moleh cant wait to release the beast.

Soon On Tape! Take 'A Storyline' EP

Yo! We got some sorta projects to start 2016, first we gladly announce you our new plus fresh talent, Take. So I bet you gonna have a question about who the hell Take is, Take is a powerpop project done by the couple and good friends of mine, Putra and his dearest wife (OH SO SWEETT!!). Could be short to describe, I can say they're playing some kind of powerpop fueled by some sweetness of (Old) Lemuria, Chumped, Mixtapes, to Cayetana. Don't miss this good stuff!


Heyyo... Seems like some friends and persons were too kind for us doing kinda exposure about our upcoming album and our recent stuffs and totally thanks to those beautiful ones out there! You guys were too kind to be just mentioned.
Here's the sort.

Colour Me Wednesday's 'I Thought It Was Morning' Album Exposure
On Wezternetive - http://weztrenative.com/post/134060452318/liar-dan-manisnya-colour-me-wednesday

Ghost Mice's 'All We Got Is Each Other' Album Exposure
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Sometimes Always' Complete Recordings Exposure
On Eardrums Music - http://eardrumsmusic.com/2015/11/30/sometimes-always-the-complete-recordings/
On Blantika Musik - http://blantikamusik.com/brita/rizkan-records-rilis-rekaman-lengkap-dari-sometimes-always/
On Wastedrockers - https://wastedrockers.wordpress.com/2015/11/19/sometimes-always-rilis-album-diskografi/

Upcoming Split of Saturday Night Karaoke x Aggi 'Gawking Geek Music' Exposure
On Lemarikota - http://www.lemarikotazine.info/2015/12/gawking-geek-music-ajang-tukar-lagu.html
On Wastedrockers - https://wastedrockers.wordpress.com/2015/12/04/coming-soon-saturday-night-karaoke-aggi-2016/
On Blantika Musik - http://blantikamusik.com/brita/aggi-siapkan-split-album-bersama-saturday-night-karaoke/
On Holytunes - https://t.co/8ARzwl1ABq
On Kanal30 - http://kanaltigapuluh.info/gawking-geek-music-bertemunya-saturday-night-karaoke-dan-aggi%e2%80%8f/
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