Records Distribution

"Supporting mom and pop and standing up to the murdering, racist cops"
Ghost Mice - Up The Punx

Beside taking the mail order, we do distribute the releases to such appointed mom and pop records store. So if you have a time, please come by and do support them.

AA. WR Store. Gedung Circle K (lantai. 3) Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 19, Jakarta Pusat, 10210. Phone : 085779550547.

BB. R.A.D. Music Store.Pasar Santa Jl.Cipaku Raya | Lt.Dasar Blok.B No.082, Jakarta, Indonesia 12170. Call / Sms : 021- 95651288 | WhatsApp : 08568996191. Email :

Also if you're taking some mailorder, here are some distro or guys you can suss out.

AA. Rizkan Records Mailorder Distro. Email :, Phone/Whatsapp : 085946401230

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